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Prayers For Your Business

Do you know there is indescribable power in praying for and over your business?


This is one out of 8 principles I teach in the “Success Keys for the Spiritual Entrepreneur” a masterclass series. Now, with you and your business in mind, I’ve designed 3 prayers that you can play in the morning, at night, while you cook, while you work, workout, while you shower, or even while driving your car. Come in agreement and take a stand for the vision and business you've been given.


Prayers for Your Business Bundle includes:

The Covering Prayer is a prayer that targets 5 key components to completely cover your business & cause release.

The Confidence Prayer is a prayer that reminds you of who you are, your authority, and your position to help you build confidence and or take your confidence back to stand firm in the marketplace.

The Rising Prayer is a great prayer for those experiencing entrepreneurial fatigue and feelings of giving up. This prayer will empower you to arise!


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Prayers For Your Business

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