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Robyn has been afforded the opportunity to travel speaking at conferences, workshops, and other events empowering others and impacting lives. She has a voice that captivates the ear of the hearer as she takes them on a journey of  Empowerment. Showing how life’s obstacles produce character, strength, and endless possibilities.

Her talks/messages are filled with revelation, tools, real-life experiences, and unique stories.

They are heartfelt, relatable, practical, and inspiring - often leading the attendee to begin their own journey of seeing and seizing what they want out of life. Her talks are known for its truth-telling, uniqueness, boldness, and transformative effect that lasts well beyond the talk. 


Robyn is available for Key Note, Seminars, Panels, Retreats and Conferences in the areas of:

Spiritual (faith-based) Empowerment

Business  Empowerment


If you are looking for a life-changing experience for your attendees look no further!

Book Robyn as your guest speaker. You will be glad you did. Click Here


Talk Topics:

"Diaries of An Ex-Adult Entertainer" (Robyn's Story)

"Transform Your Experiences into Expertise & Monetize it" (Business Empowerment Talk)

"Give Birth to New Life: How to heal from past experiences" (Spiritual Empowerment Talk)


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