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The Midwife Coaching Training is a 12 week training that provides 2 Certifications: Life Coach Certification & The Midwifery Method Level 1 Certification. This training is best for aspiring coaches who desire to integrate their faith (Christianity) within their coaching practice.  As well as aspiring coaches & emerging coaches who desire to provide a high-level transformational Coaching experience to their clients utilizing Robyn Robbins Midwifery Methodology System in addition to the coaching skillset learned. These aspiring coaches may have backgrounds in coaching, social work, leadership, teaching, ministerial, and or counseling to mention a few.

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Our Approach

Our coaching certification program is an experiential program where the students are their first client.

We believe one can't properly coach another until they have fully experienced the process of coaching itself and what it means to do the work.


Our Students Can Expect to Participate in:


Peer Coaching

Group Facilitation

Special Projects

Developing  & Presenting Services /Business marketing Plans

Evaluation (oral and written confirmation of overall understanding-required to graduate)

Mentorship support sessions

Coaching Externship


Next Training Class October 1st

Certified Midwife Coach Training Tuition: $3k

*Payment Arrangements Available

Early Bird Tuition: $1,500k

Early tuition ends September 15th, lock yourself in with a Deposit of Only $295 Here


Tuition Covers:

Curriculum (see overview below)

Student Life Coaching Manual/Workbook (Digital)

Industry agreements/contracts Templates (Digital)

Client/Coach Intake Packet Templates (Digital)

Midwifery Coaching Toolkit (Digital)

Group & 1 on 1 Mentorship sessions (Virtual)

Creation Assistance on creating your Coaching Lead Magnet

Module 1:
The Foundation

What is Life Coaching?

What Life Coaching isn't!

What is the Midwifery Methodology? (101)

The Lifestyle & Mindset of a Coach 


Core Coaching Competencies as identified by the International Coach Federation

  • Intake

  • Determining the client's goals

  • Setting goals

  • Guiding the client in creating a plan

  • Acknowledging the client and holding them accountable

  • Cooperative Communication

  • Identifying and removing blocks and limiting beliefs that keep the client from moving forward

  • How to ask the right questions

  • Managing the "Fixer" in you

  • Code of Ethics

  • Bridging The Gap

  • Follow-up



*Peer Coaching-Exercises

Module 2:
The Process

Core Competencies & Fundamentals of Coaching continued...


The ART of Midwifery (Methodology & System 102)


Hands-on Coaching

Applying and using the Core Coaching Skills you have learned and build on what you already know

  • Coach live subjects while being observed by the trainers

  • Coach and be coached, while being guided and mentored by your trainer

  • Feedback from trainers 

  • Observe your instructor at a live coaching session

Peer Coaching-Several practice sessions and discussions about your learning and experience

*Peer Coaching- Exercises


Module 3:
The Practice

Establishing yourself as a life coach and Learn the Business of Coaching



  • Uncover Your Niche

  • Develop & Build Your Signature Coaching Program

  • Marketing For Coaches

  • Build & practice your transformational statement

  • Step by Step How to launch Your Coaching practice

  • Put it to the test! Sign your First Client

  • How to Marketing Materials & Online presence 


Final Peer Coaching Session

Exit Evaluation




Receive your Certified Professional Life Coach Certification, The Midwifery Methodology Certification! 


Open your Practice!