Latricia T.

Empowerment Strategist & Author

I stumbled upon the Elite Group on Instagram and saw they were offering a free membership for newly published authors.  I read up on their bio, checked out their website and decided to give them a try.  I thought to myself, “It's free I dont have anything to lose.”  Well, let me just say I was not expecting to receive quality and remarkable nuggets for my business from Coach Robyn.  I have only been connected to the Elite Women's Society for about a month in a half. 


I have adjusted how I post on Socia Media per the gems Coach Robyn shared and was able to receive my first client, hit 100 true followers on IG and my interactions & likes are slowly increasing.  These small milestones have given me encouragment and a bigger push to keep me moving forward.  I look forward to learning additional techniques to push my business to the next level.  I recommend Elite Women's Society & Coach Robyn to anyone needing assistance in taking their business or book to the next level.  Thank you, Coach Robyn, you are the best! 


Katina D.

Founder of Angel Wings for The Missing, trafficked & Homeless

I’ve had the pleasure of booking Robyn for two events near and dear to my heart, which just so happened to be dear to hers. Uplifting women in business, and the education of Sex Trafficking. With Robyn Traveling all over and being booked so much, We were blessed to be able to retain her for our graduation on such short notice. She keeps people alert, and on their toes with knowledge and points that are clear. When she is speaking, you feel the passion in the message she Conveys.


Robyn has been Punctual to every event and always has informational literature on how to reach her, afterward or has books to purchase for people who crave more of her knowledge immediately. She was such an outstanding speaker at my Events Planner Graduation Ceremony at Clayton State University, that I’ve gotten a request from people asking for a video, and was told we should have allowed her to speak longer. ( TRUE STORY)

There is no question of “IF or would I” recommend her, or her books, because my answer is a RESOUNDING YES, Absolutely. You or your attending guest will never be disappointed booking Robyn Midwife Robbins at any speaking engagement.


Jos-lyn E.

Singles Coach 2 Christian Women

Coach Robyn was the answer to my prayer!! I was so stuck not knowing how to grow my business and connect to my audience. But during her program she gave me clarity, helped me to simplify my marketing and sales funnels, and she was there for me whenever I had questions or felt frustrated. If you need clarity and someone who will be honest with you and give you the information you need to move to your next level in business then Coach Robyn is the coach for you. You will not be disappointed!!


Angel B.

Author of "Wounded, but Not Broken" & Entrepreneur

Connecting/Meeting Coach Robyn I truly believe has been ordained by God!!! She is a realist and will coach you into reality!!! She does not beat you up, but holds you accountable!! She is certainly walking in her calling!! I have had some major challenges/storms in my life this year and I count it a Blessing to have a coach with a wealth of knowledge and who has also been through the storm!!! I look forward to our years together!! Oh and her book, Diary of and ex-adult entertainer is a MUST read!!!


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