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Overcoming to Become

In the healing journey one is in the process of overcoming. Overcoming the past, pain, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, loss, narratives, messaging, the residue and much more. Real healing is uncomfortable, messy and even painful before it's beautiful.

Healing isn't just mental and a lot of us feel stuck because we are trying to heal through the mind alone not realizing that healing is holistic. There isn't just one facet of us we are 3 dimensional beings therefore our healing must be 3 dimensional. This type of healing is what leads to wholeness!

Wholeness not perfection!

The determination to keep getting back up to heal, grow, and become is the key. I 've always been a great fan of the underdog. Hell, I am the underdog. Remember when you hit rock bottom there is only one place to go and that Beautiful Soul is up! It's time to birth your NEW.

Let's Heal Together!


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Robyn The Midwife

Prophetic Master Life Coach. Empowerment Teacher & Trainer

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