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How to Start Your Personal Healing Journey?

You recognize the call to heal however, you wonder where does one start? How do I start my personal healing journey? In this blog post we lay some basics to begin your personal healing and growth journey. In a fast-paced world where it's all about hustle and bustle, stress and anxiety are more than all too common. As women we where many hats and we care much for others often at the expense of ourselves. Often we are so caught up with everything else that years go by before we even realize the call to heal. Sometimes everything around us begins to unravel and spiral downwardly and we are left with so many questions. Trying everything that we know however, it just seems that nothing is helping "it" to break.

Beautiful Soul, you are not alone welcome to the Sacred Place...

The Sacred Place is an international hub for purpose-centered women seeking inner healing and personal growth. Our mission is to empower women to embrace their authentic selves and lead fulfilling lives.

Here we create a safe space for women to thrive and birth their NEW! So you are most definitely in the right place.

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Healing Involves great soul work! The Soul is comprised of the heart, will and mind

One of the first steps to begin healing is to take a step back to ensure that self is aligned and intact.

To do this you must objectively take inventory of every area of your life. Remember to call a spade a spade this is the only way one can move forward. This is what we call here called "Sacred Reflection and Assessing".

As you view every area of your life honestly write where you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually,

identify the "wounds" in each area if any. Review everything you have written down, is there a specific area that out weighs the rest? You can begin your focus there. Remember healing isn't a destination it's more of one returning to the core of their true self before all of "it" happened. It's about shedding the residue from experiences, messaging and narratives. Riding self of limiting beliefs, environments and developing your NEW.

Secondly, begin to actively seek out a therapist and a coach. You will experience things during the journey that you don't have language for and may not know how to properly process. It's okay how many people can truly say they have had the healing process modeled before them before? This is why it's imperative to partner with a professional that you feel safe with and that has the experience to assist you through. There will be many adjustments, and decisions you'll have to make along the way. I hope this activity empowers you with clarity and direction.

If you want to join us here at The Sacred Place while you are on your healing journey we welcome you with open arms. Here are some ways you can join us , simply select according to your level of Readiness:

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Robyn The Midwife

Prophetic Master Life Coach. Empowerment Teacher & Trainer


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