BirtHer 2 Birth Your NEW
 Immersive Coaching Experience
May 1st-May 8th
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About BirtHer Immersive Coaching Experience....

The BirtHer immersive coaching experience is a one of a kind all-inclusive 8-Day 7-night healing release excursion that combines the art of coaching, spirituality (faith), select therapies, and life-altering excursion like activities into ONE (1) ultimate holistic experience at a beautiful remote location for the purpose-centered high-achieving woman who is absolutely ready for a life-changing environment to break through stagnation, cycles & ruts in her personal life to reach her next. For the woman who is ready for deeper inner healing, inner liberation, to make the necessary shifts to live the fulfilling life she personally desires so she can ultimately birth her NEW. 


What is the NEW?

This looks different for each person as no woman carry's the same vision, goal, and or purpose.

What we all have in common is living this thing called life and the curve balls life throws our way. We also have the understanding that it ALL starts with you, the importance of building self first in order to have the proper capacity and foundation to protect and steward what you have been called to birth out. 



Release & Replenish, while you divinely PUSH. You give out so much to so many, wearing multiple hats and ensuring everyone else is good. It's time to give to YOU! Enjoy the sun on your skin in a luxury inviting atmosphere, empowering transformational activities and the company of like-minded, purpose-centered high-achieving women. White glove treatment from our concierge, private chef, and staff.  Lounge in luxury in this tropical villa and take in the scenery of the beautiful Costa Rica views as daily stress melts away. 

During your time with us, you will experience the proven coaching system (BirtHer PUSH 4) that has helped so many women experience breakthroughs, inner liberation and catapulted them to birth their NEW.

In this immersive coaching experience you will:

Lodge at a Beautiful Tropical Private Villa in Costa Rica

Concierge shuttle from the airport to the villa

Daily Gourmet meals by our Private Chef

Shift Your Paradigm

Dismantle Cycles, Stagnation & Ruts

Raise Self-Awareness to a New Dimension


Activate Inner Healing, Liberation & Release

Transform Negative Experiences to Give Birth to Your New!

Design Your Custom Birthing Plan to  Birth Your NEW

If you are truly ready to live the quality of life you personally desire this immersive coaching experience is absolutely for you!

It's Your Divine Time to PUSH while Replenishing YOU!


Daily Gourmet Meals by our Private Chef

Morning Release Meditation

Morning Release  Soaking

Morning Movement Release


Is it Dead yet? 


BirtHer 2 Birth it! 

Balancing Body 

Letters of Freedom


Private Infinity Pool

Release & Replenish at The Beach (Secluded access)

PUSH Group Sessions with Master Coach Robyn

PUSH Seat Coaching with Master Coach Robyn

Release Group Sessions with Dr.Sharice

Pure Relaxation (Free time)

BirtHer 2 Birth It Release Journal & Purification Box

Design Your Custom Divine Birth It Plan

Private Community Access for Ongoing Support

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BirtHer 2 Birth Your NEW!

Covid-19 safety precautions & CDC cleaning guidelines adhered to, your safety is important to us.

All attendees must present negative covid test results or vaccine cards.

Travel NOT Included


Early Bird Rate Ends February 15th (Original Rates: Master suite $5k, Shared Suites $3k)

Single Master Suites $3,000 Deposit Only $1k (or 2 payments of $549)

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