Are You Expecting?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

It seems as though you are in an awkward space. You are not where you used to be but also not where you want to be. It's that awkward, uncomfortable middle. Also known as transition or transit. Well, I've got great news for you Beautiful soul. It's your time and you are on your way! Although awkward and uncomfortable at times you are right where you are supposed to be. It's apart of the evolution in becoming. Deep down inside you have the burning desire to do more, be more and that inner voice just won't let you rest. You have skills, talents, gifts, and experiences that you feel the constant need to serve others with. However, you must be refined first that's what this space that you are currently in is all about. It's like finding out you've just conceived!

Uncertainty & the What If's

Well, whenever a woman finds out she has conceived she receives a care team and a care plan. This team helps her to navigate throughout the entire pregnancy. So it is the same with transition, transformation, & vision. Sometimes all you are missing is a skilled, trustworthy person to partner and co-labor with to help you navigate the journey of carrying and help to develop your Strategy Plan. So you can Give Birth to your new life. Well, Congrats!!! Now you can Break-Up with fear, uncertainty & all the what if's.

Meet The Midwife

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Robyn Robbins International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Certified Empowerment Coach, and Trainer. I'm affectionately referred to as "The Midwife" because I empower women to heal, transition with ease, transform negative experiences, and give birth to their new life, goals, and or business. I would love to partner with you and undergird you through this amazing fulfilling journey of carrying. It's time to Give Birth!

Watch this below to start your journey today:

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