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Are You Ready to serve others, and make an impact while earning income on your terms?

Become A Certified Mentor From the Comfort of your Home in 6 Weeks

Use your experience and expertise to serve others

Original Investment: $885  Value:$1,500
Get Certified Today For Only $597



💎Have a strong desire to see the lives of others advance?

💎Have a strong desire to reach back and help others who want to achieve what you have achieved? 

💎Often find yourself giving away advice, your time, and strategies for free?

💎Want to expand your reach to make more of an impact?

💎Are you often the go-to person in your family, and or circle of friends for advice?

💎Are people naturally drawn to you in a particular area of experience or expertise?


💎Are you already serving others in the capacity of Leadership, Teaching, Ministerial Leadership, Mentorship, Therapy, Counseling, and or are an emerging Coach?


Our Certification Approach

Our mentorship certification program is an experiential program where the students explore the curriculum and are their first mentees.

We believe one can't properly mentor another until they have fully experienced the process and have explored different ways of mentorship itself to see what best fits them while empowering them to make the impact they desire. 

Here at Zoe Coaching International, we offer 2 track options with our programs, for certification (Certify Me Option & All-star Option). 

Certify Me program option teaches the skills of mentoring, the business of mentoring, and mentorship sessions to support you along the way. 

All-Star program option provides everything you get in the Certify Me program, plus the mentorship brand suite. The mentorship brand suite provides a custom-designed 4-5 tab basic website (basic SEO and mobile optimization), 1 custom-designed typography logo, 1 custom-designed promo e-flyer, and 100 custom-designed business cards.

Our Students Can Expect to Participate in:


Peer Mentoring

Group Facilitation

Special Projects

Developing  & Presenting Services /Mentorship Programs

Evaluation (oral and written confirmation of overall understanding required to graduate)

Mentorship support sessions

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Mentor Training


The Mentorship training is a virtual 6-week training that provides 1 Certification: This training is best for those who desire to give back by empowering others in a specific area and or those who want to diversify their existing business by offering this as a service. This training program is best suited for those who are in leadership, those in non-profits, those in ministerial positions, those who feel called to mentor, and coaches who desire to mentor as well. 


Certified Mentorship Training Tuition:

Certify Me Option: $885

All-Star Option: $2,500

Early Bird Tuition(for Certify Me Option): $597 Hurry Before it Ends

*Payment Arrangements Available

Secure your spot with a deposit of $295 or pay in full Here

Convert tuition into your currency for International Students Click Here

*Payment Arrangements Available (processing fee)


Tuition Covers:

Mentorship Intensive Curriculum (virtual, see overview below)

Student Mentorship Manual/Workbook (Digital)

Industry agreements/contracts Templates (Digital)

Mentor/Mentee Intake Packet Templates (Digital)

Group Mentorship (Virtual)

Check Out The Life Coach Training Here

Check Out The Midwife Coach Training Here

Check Out The Consultant Training Here

Module 1:
The Foundation

What is Mentorship?

What Mentorship isn't!

The Lifestyle & Mindset of a Mentor 


Core Mentorship Competencies 

  • Assessments

  • Intake

  • Style of Mentorship 

  • The C.O.R.E of Mentorship

  • Managing the Mentor and Mentee's relational Dynamics Guiding the mentee in execution

  • Acknowledging the mentee and holding them accountable

  • Cooperative Communication

  • Identifying  blocks and limiting beliefs that keep the mentee from moving forward

  • How to ask the right questions

  • Managing the "Fixer" in you

  • Code of Ethics



*Peer Mentor-Exercises

Module 2:
The Process

Core Mentorship Competencies & Fundamentals continued...


Hands-on Mentorship

Applying and using the Core Mentoship Skills you have learned and build on what you already know

  • Mentor live subjects while being observed by the trainers

  • Mentor and be mentored, while being guided and mentored by your trainer

  • Feedback from trainers 

  • Observe your instructor at a live Mentorship session

Peer Mentorship-Several practice sessions and discussions about your learning and experience

*Peer Mentor- Exercises


Module 3:
The Practice

Establishing yourself as a Mentor and Learn the Business of Mentorship



  • Uncover Your Niche

  • Develop & Build Your Signature Mentorship Program

  • Build & practice your transformational statement

  • Step by Step How to launch Your Mentorship program

  • Put it to the test! Sign your First Mentee

  • How to Marketing Materials & Online presence 


Final Peer Mentorship Session

Exit Evaluation




Receive your Certified Professional Mentor  Certification. 



What are Others Saying About ZCI?

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Check Out The Consultant Training Here

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