Robyn Robbins is a Certified Master Coach, Thought Leader,  Empowerment Teacher, and Movement Storyteller affectionately referred to as The Midwife due to her unmatched ability to partner with others and empower them to give birth and produce. She is the steward owner of Robyn Robbins Enterprises LLC. where she empowers you to transform, develop, and Give Birth. Robyn's life mission is simply to enrich, empower, equip, and liberate all those who cross her path! To date, Robyn has empowered powerhouse leaders from all over the U.S., Canada, Africa, & Jamaica through her services. Her coaching clients have given birth to their best self, goals & businesses. These goals and businesses include self-publishing books, launching book brands, businesses, non-profits, becoming international speakers, increasing their clients, profits, and speaking engagements.

However, it didn't begin this way...

Coming from a place that causes one to grow up rather quickly & think fast on their feet; Robyn didn’t have much of a childhood. For the New York native experiencing trauma and tragedy was quite the norm. She witnessed the molestation of her older sister and then become a victim of that same horror herself. Losing her dad to drugs left a void that couldn’t be filled. Robyn and her siblings were taken from their biological mother and put in the foster care system, eventually losing their mother forever. She said her last goodbyes as she waved her hand while staring at the casket. All this sadly took place by the tender age of six.


As life continued Robyn found herself in undesirable circumstances she couldn’t understand. These circumstances offered emotional, mental, physical, and sexual abuse. It seemed as though it was a way of life. Eventually, she found herself trafficked into the adult entertainment & sex industry. Robyn’s journey is one that demonstrates resilience, the power of choice, perseverance, self-discovery, acceptance, self-love, and the power of redemption. She strongly credits her new life to her faith in God and His sufficient grace.


She gives a detailed account of her life in her bestselling memoir entitled “Diaries of an Ex-Adult Entertainer: My Road to Redemption”. Robyn calls her past trials blessings & tragedies little discoveries of repositioning!  She continues to travel speaking, empowering others with her story & talks. Robyn is very passionate about equipping, Liberating, and empowering others to heal, give birth to their new life & their goals. It gives Robyn great joy to serve as a Midwife and Douala to many.

Despite all she has experienced, Robyn has learned how to seize the purpose and possibilities out of her experiences to grow, empower herself and others. Robyn, believes deeply that none of her experiences were in vain & believes she is called to do this work so others can experience the other side of life. She is a serial entrepreneur residing in Atlanta Georgia. 




Transform Experiences To  Birth
Your New



It's not always easy to revisit those negative experiences, however, to say goodbye completely and embrace the inner liberation desired its necessary. It is in this metamorphosis we heal, release, discover our strengths, secret sauce, and who we really are at our core. It's in this we build a solid foundation. It's a place where we transcend beyond what we thought was possible.


Give Birth

Once the smoke and residue has been cleared. You recognize you are pregnant with Greatness! YOU have uncovered purpose and you are excited about the vision and or goal at hand. YOU are absolutely ready to see it to fruition, nurture and cultivate it, ensure it is healthy, and position it to accomplish exactly what it was born to do!


New Life

Once one has transformed negative experiences and conceived it's only natural to PUSH and birth the NEW. A New YOU, New Life, and to walk in Purpose daily. Whether that purpose is a business, to lead and build others, to Coach, consult others, and or to blaze your very own trail. There is nothing more fulfilling than doing and being exactly what YOU were created to do and be!