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An interactive Lifestyle Guide for the woman who wants to design her ideal thriving Life! (Journal sold separately)ThriveHer Getting Back 2 You offers a holistic approach and experience that's perfect for the woman who desires to reconnect with self. This book focuses on ultimately improving the inner wellness of the woman. Helpful & reflective exercises help to increase self-awareness by promoting self - actualization.


Gain Clarity & Define your:


Emotional Life

Relational Life

Spiritual Life

Mental Life

Physical Life & Financial Life to Cultivate harmonic Living.


What is a ThriveHer?

Who can be a ThriveHer? A ThriveHer is a woman who is dedicated to have and live a life that is flourishing. A life that is her own. She refuses to settle. She is committed to be a lifelong student because she understands the power of knowledge. She is driven to progress towards her goals despite circumstances and or obstacles. She is self-aware and aligned, NOT afraid to self-reflect and embraces self-improvement. She is a Go-Getter! She is a Goal Digger! She believes in herself! She believes she can have the life she desires.

ThriveHer Getting Back to You!

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