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The Sacred Woman Experience

Sacred Selfcare

These services were holistically designed to empower you along your sacred journey.

Selfcare is a vital component along the inner healing journey and is a response to one's love of self.

These services aid  you in taking time out for yourself while catapulting your healing!

Custom Healing Facial

Performed in a private clean relaxing environment enjoy a custom facial that promotes inner healing while caring for your skin. You may choose add-ons for your facial if you desire an advanced facial service.

We look forward to serving you!

The Esther Oil Release Bath

Frankincense and Mryhh are transformational essential oils that have amazing properties and significant biblical meaning. For 6 months Esther's prepared with these oils and the 6 spices via a bath which aided her to release what was old and embrace her new.


The Esther Bath service can be facilitated by us in our private suite or virtually in the comfort of your home. You can purchase our Esther Oil Release Bath Box in our sacred shop as a gift or if you prefer to do it at home.


Sacred Prophetic Healing Session

This session empowers you to sever ties with what is no longer serving you, and obtain spiritual liberation as the Holy Spirit does the work.  This session ends with a soothing back massage with anointed oil and hot stones. This session can be done virtually in the comfort of your home

You can Purchase Our Essential Sacred Healing Box from our sacred shop for continued upkeep.

Sacred Hair Removal

This service is a hair removal bundle that includes:

Underarm wax

Brazilian wax & Antiseptic Hydration  Cooling Mask

Lower Leg wax

You can purchase our Sacred Body Care Box from our sacred shop for continued upkeep.

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