Hey Aspiring & Emerging Female Entrepreneurs,

(online serviced-based entrepreneurs)


Are YOU questioning if you're qualified enough to do "it", struggling with confidence?

Are YOU often allowing the fear of failure or mess-ups to paralyze you from giving birth to or giving up on your business?


Maybe YOU feel stuck, unsure of how you can live out your purpose and do what you love simultaneously.

Maybe YOU struggle with if they will accept or reject what you have to offer.


YOU are ready to be the Go-To person, serve others, and truly make an impact but you're feeling scattered, frustrated, boxed in, & overwhelmed by all the noise in the marketplace telling you it must be done this way in order to convert.


 Are YOU over plugging your purpose, passion, and or calling in "their" cookie-cutter Template?


Are YOU are done with suffering in silence, hearing crickets in your business & or dealing with clients who haggle your worth?

Are YOU ready to have a purposeful, aligned, authentic business where you are confidently working with quality clients who see the value you provide & are willing to invest with you?

I know I was!

Fresh out of the adult entertainment industry in the midst of the biggest Life shift ever.  I had a high school education but no diploma, no trade or college education. I knew that  I needed to do something so I obtained a GED and got a trade as a CNA. However, working for others left me unfulfilled. I wanted to work for myself and make an impact through my purpose. I wanted to live my purpose daily, leave my mark and a legacy with my new found life! I begin to realize my experiences weren't in vain. The saying "God uses everything" is more valid than I can express. Until that moment, I hadn't realized how the adult entertainment industry cultivated the gift or nack I had for business. Spending time with wealthy business owners taught me a lot. So, I decided to take the leap of faith to 

Transform My Experiences into Expertise

I put my life story in a book, all the experiences, pain, trials, and triumph and it became an Amazon Best Seller.

This led to more opportunities to transform my experiences as I began to attain invites to Speak and share my story on podcasts, interviews, tv, and more. I became a Voice for those who felt disempowered about their past and challenging life experiences.

I became a Certifed Coach with a vision, and a strong desire to serve others. However, this is where it got overwhelming. I struggled an entire year with no coaching clients! I couldn't figure out what I was missing. I had applied what I had learned from previous business ventures but there was still something missing, this was different.  

To know you have something truly amazing to share with the world that would be of great service but it seems as though no one else realizes it. That's when the overwhelming urge to quit & give up on your business comes over you. Wheeeewh!I know that feeling all too well. 

In a panic, I begin to try everything I could get my hands on. From checklists to webinars, the list goes on. I began to listen to any and everybody that could give me a strategy to turn my business around.  I invested in other trainings hoping that it would enlighten me on what I was missing in business but they only taught the skills for that specific certification. No matter what I did you just heard crickets. My business became an expensive hobby instead of what I had envisioned. Which was a business that would allow me to flow in purpose, transform my life & the lives of others.

Have YOU ever been here?

 Ready to throw in the towel. With tears in my eyes, discouragement in my heart, questioning my abilities, qualifications, and feeling defeated I PUSHED and decided to give it one last try. I invested in myself and my business in a high-level coaching program and within 2 months my business had a complete makeover.  Got my very first $1,500 coaching client and was able to become a full-time business owner by 2017.

The light bulb went off and it hit me. What I was missing was Me! The wins that were previously experienced were a result of me sharing me. I got caught up thinking I needed to change in order for the new part of my vision to succeed. In a panic and began to plug myself into their templates and the way they said I should do business. I had to release and unlearn in order to shift my mindset and perspective. My business suffered because it was missing its secret sauce. So, to my audience, I became just another. Another Coach, Speaker, and Author.

Have YOU become just another?

I got lost in what I thought I was supposed to do and as a result, became a carbon copy by default.

There is NO need to plug your calling, purpose, and or passions into "their" cookie-cutter Templates in order to win.

YOU don't have to do business the way the gurus say or the way your counterparts do business in order to win.

That's what inspired me to create

The Art of Birthing Your Business formula which is the very system used to empower others through

The Transform YOU coaching program!

If you are ready to birth a purposeful authentic business that you love to show up for schedule Your Transform YOU! Clarity Call today (click any of the buttons above or below to do so).



Gain Clarity and Direction

Experience Inner Liberation & Release

Transform your Experiences into Expertise

Uncover your very own Blueprint & Secret Sauce

Package your Brilliance into 1 premium offer

Birth an Aligned Authentic Business that has your DNA!


Battling the Imposter Syndrome

Struggling with confidence to show up

Trying to plug and play your purpose or passion into "their" Templates to convert

Nickel and Dimming your offers and not making enough

Launching services or product based on inspiration

 THE Excursion



Enjoy our private chef, wine tasting, morning meditation, release soaking, Life & Business Deep Dive 1 on 1

with Coach Robyn and more. 

Join Robyn Robbins July 9th-11th in the Mountains of Clayton Georgia in a luxury private cabin on a

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What good are we in our businesses if we don't recognize our responsibility to take care of ourselves and release those things that weigh us down?

We are able to show up bigger and better when taking care of ourselves becomes a non-negotiable.

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