Now, more than ever, we are realizing the need to liberate self, to rid ourselves of those stagnating blocks and ultimately heal the wounds to live the life they truly want. Inner liberation is both Practical & Spiritual. While many believe inner liberation is commonly for relationships the truth is it's necessary for:

Limiting Beliefs

Learned Helplessness



People Pleasing

Honoring Self

Cyclic Overwhelm

The Inner Child

Mother Wound

Father Wound

Broken Heart Wound

Betrayal Wound

Spiritual Wounds

Dysfunctional Independence Wound

Dysfunctional Guarded Wound

The Blacksheep Wound

Sexual Assault Wound

Physical Assault Wound

Abandonment & Rejection Wound

Just to name a few....Most of us are often unaware how these wounds show up in our lives today and or how they block and sabotage us in different areas of our lives.

In this NO COST Meditation you get:

18:32 minute guided experience for those who are ready to jumpstart their journey of inner liberation to transform negative/traumatic experiences. 

Light breathe work



Instantly received in mp4 format 


If you are truly ready to Birth the New after negative/traumatic experiences & repurpose it to serve others. Jumpstart your inner liberation journey with this NO Cost tool "Divine Release" meditation by filling out the form below. Take the First step today!


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