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What is the

 New Life Mentorship?

There comes a time for every leader to pass along, impart, and pay it forward.

As I make room to receive more of the new and my next. It is divine order to pour out what has already been given to me to others. The New Life Mentorship is a virtual international personal & professional development sacred space where women can come to release, recharge & receive so they can go forth and Give Birth! Our approach is personal development holistically, and practically. Mentees meet bi-weekly (twice a month) for hands-on empowerment exercises, & teaching. Receive an outpouring of wisdom, knowledge & empowerment. Mentorship is a 9-month commitment. All applicants will undergo a thorough application process. There are only 10 mentee slots available for the October 2021- July 2022 year.


Mentorship Benefits:

Mindset Shift work

Soul work for Inner Liberation

Personal Development



Mentee Perks

Gain Clarity, get direction and be empowered to show up & go forth in your purpose and or vision.



Who is this Mentorship Best For?

This mentorship is designed for the motivated, determined woman who is ready for clarity & to birth new life. The woman ready for inner liberation, a recharge, and transform their experiences to Give Birth to their new life. Is that woman you, are you ready and committed? 

Mentorship includes but not limited to Teachings on:


Inner Liberation

Uncovering or Refining Purpose 

Transforming negative experiences

Relationships & Self Care

Personal Leadership

Personal & Business Finances

Mindset of A Business Woman

Professional Enhancement for Entrepreneurs (Foundational Business Strategies to soar)


What You Get!

A Mentor in Robyn Robbins


Mentorship twice per month (90-minute virtual group mentorship sessions)

Quarterly 1 on 1 Mentorship Chats with Mentor Robyn Robbins

Weekly support through private group chat (direct access)

Guest Expert Sessions

A genuine community of like-minded women to go through the process with

End mentorship with a luxury excursion


Clarity, Direction, Increase in Confidence, Inner Healing, and more.


How Do I Get Started?

Apply by clicking the button above or below. Let's see if this mentorship is the right fit for you.

Once we receive your application it will be reviewed thoroughly, please allow 3 business days for review. You will then receive an email to schedule a virtual live interview with Mentor Robyn. Your application and interview will then be reviewed together thoroughly, please allow up to 7 business days for review. You will then receive an email with the official response to join or apply again next cohort.

Further details and next steps will be given via the interview and via email if accepted.

We can't wait to equip, liberate, and empower you!


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Meet Your Mentor


Robyn Robbins is a Certified Master Coach, Thought Leader,  Empowerment Teacher, and Movement Storyteller affectionately referred to as The Midwife due to her unmatched ability to partner with others and empower them to give birth and produce. She is the steward owner of Robyn Robbins Enterprises LLC. where she empowers purpose-centered women to activate inner liberation, transform negative experiences by redefining, revolutionizing, & repurposing them to birth new life & serve others. 


Robyn's life mission is simply to enrich, empower, equip, and liberate all those who cross her path! To date, Robyn has empowered powerhouse women from all over the U.S., Canada, Africa, & Jamaica through her services. Her coaching clients have given birth to but not limited to their highest self, goals & businesses. These goals and businesses include self-publishing books, launching book brands, businesses, non-profits, becoming international speakers, increasing their clients, profits, and speaking engagements.


Robyn Robbins has mastered the art of transforming experiences for inner healing, self-discovery/awareness, and monetization. Ultimately empowering herself and others.

This has been done through overcoming many trials in her personal life experiences in several areas of life. Now she is paying that wisdom forward to the women who are ready to birth new life!