ThriveHER: Getting Back 2 You!

Hardcover Book   (Autographed)

Paperback Journal (Autographed)


Autographed Book



An interactive Guide and Journal Series for the woman who wants to design

her ideal thriving Life! Journal sold separately.


The ThriveHer series offers a holistic experience and is perfect for that woman who desires to truly level up. Book 1 focuses on ultimately improving the inner wellness of the woman. Helpful & reflective exercises help to increase self-awareness by promoting self - actualization. Gain Clarity & Define your:


Emotional Life

Relational Life

Spiritual Life

Mental Life

Physical Life

Financial Life


And Cultivate harmonic Living. What is a ThriveHer? Who can be a ThriveHer? ThriveHer is a woman who is dedicated to have and live a life that is flourishing. A life that is her own. She refuses to settle. She is committed to be a lifelong student because she understands the power of knowledge. She is driven to progress towards her goals despite circumstances and or obstacles. She is self-aware and aligned, NOT afraid to self-reflect and embraces self-improvement. She is a Go-Getter! She is a Goal Digger! She believes in herself! She believes she can have the life she desires.

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