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The Re-Focus Challenge A 40 Day Personal Traing Guide to Refocus. Revamp. Revitalize YOU!


Life throws us curve balls that we try our best to handle. Sometimes we find ourselves in these ruts and or cycles we so desperately desire to break out of.We even begin to feel burnt out as we juggle several hats trying to give our best to every area or aspect of our lives and we begin to feel depleted. Well my friends this 40 day personal training guide is here to assist in Refocusing, Revamping and Revitalizing You! Daily challenges, activities and weekly times of reflection help you get closer to obtaining the goal you desire.


This book is not only a guide but becomes a personal journal and log to help keep track of your progress and also helps you to maintain accountability. The best thing about this is that you can retake the challenge as often as you like in order to refocus, revamp and revitalize a new area or any area in your life.


This book is for you if :


- You have ever found yourself in what seems to be a cycle or rut

- You strongly desire to see change in yourself and in your life

- You have been distracted and you are ready to regain focus

- You are ready and willing to do the work!

- You desire to revamp and revitalize yourself as well as your business and your relationships.

- You are ready to shift your perspective!

- You are ready to recreate the environment around you!

The Re- FOCUS Challenge: A 40 Day Personal Training Guide

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