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Flip Your Book Into Speaking Bundle

In this Training Bundle Coach Robyn teaches you the elements needed to convert your book into speaking as well as the necessary fundamentals to build a foundation as a speaker. Further position yourself as the authority in your niche by offering amazing memorable keynotes, and presentations. Create a solid foundation as a speaker with these trainings.

This bundle comes with the following 6 Classes:

1.Speaking, Getting started Class 1
2.How to Captivate Your audience Class 2
3.What's Your Special Sauce Speaker (Become a Memorable Speaker/Presenter) Class 3
4.How to Convert your Book Chapter into a Talk Class 4
5.Develop Your Short List of Talks Class 5
6.Put In the Werk, Speaker Class 6

This training comes with our "Pitch 2 Sell" formula/Templates to begin filling your calendar with features for your book.
This training is ideal for authors, coaches, consultants, and aspiring speakers.


Instantly receive this training in a downloadable zip file

Flip Your Book Into Speaking Bundle

$297.00 Regular Price
$97.00Sale Price
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