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Esther's Oil Release Bath Box accompanies our self care healing session. This Box is inspired by the preparation of Queen Esther and comes with the 3 Day Esther's Fast Guide. This powerful curated guide has been designed to empower you in the areas of mindset, inner healing, personal development, and faith so your transition into your NEW with poise, power, and ease.


The purpose of the items in the Box is to aid you in the spiritual release and preparation for Your NEW. Prepare to be released for your next!


Esther's Oil Release Bath Box includes:


- 4 Release Bombers (Myrrh & Spice)

- Esther's Oil Body Elixir (Sweet Lavendar Blend 1 oz)

- 2 Lavendar & Spice Cleansing Bar (4 oz ea.)

- 1 Purification Bath Oil (2 oz)

- 1 Esther's Oil Nourishing Lotion (4 oz)

- 1 Release Milk Dead Sea Soak (8 oz)

- 1 Esther's Oil Release Guide

Esther's Oil Release Bath Box

  • Due to the nature of the products (personal beauty cosmetics) we can not accept returns and or exchanges. However, in the event, we make a mistake that rarely happens and send you the wrong product or scent we will ship out the proper product to you upon receiving approval from our customer service department.

    Simply provide proof of the mishap to customer service by sending an email to subject line should read "Product Mishap". Please be sure to provide an invoice/ order copy and the picture of the product received.

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