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This book is designed to offer freedom and healing to every woman that reads it. Daddy's Little Girl is an interactive book of healing offering spiritual insights from raw experiences to healing the little girl within. Every woman will be able to identify herself as at least one of the daughters in this book as we journey together for individual freedom. Spiritual and Practical Action Prompts assist you while you partner with God to facilitate your personal healing journey.


God wants you to know that He loves you immensely, daughter. It's time to shed light on those areas we have swept under the rug and those areas of our lives that affect us unknowingly.  These past traumatic and or negative experiences have left a residue that binds us and continues to show up in our now. It shows up in the form of triggers, our thought life, a rut, a cycle, through our actions and or reactions, other behaviors, and in the places we least expect it.


This book is for You if you are ready to begin the journey of inner healing to live a life of true freedom.

Daddy's Little Girl: Daughters of God (A Book Of Healing)

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