New Life Mentorship


What is the

 New Life Mentorship?

There comes a time for every leader to pass along, impart, and pay it forward.

As I make room to receive more of the new and my next. It is divine order to pour out what has already been given to me to others. The New Life Mentorship is a personal and spiritual development sacred space where women can come to release, recharge & receive impartation so they can go forth and Give Birth! Our approach is personal development through faith, the word of God, and practicality. Mentees meet bi-weekly (twice a month) for empowerment activities, teaching, training, and impartation. Receive an outpouring of wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual impartation. Mentorship is 12 months. All applicants will undergo a thorough application process. There are only 7 mentee slots available for the October 2020- October 2021 year.


Mentorship Benefits:

Mindset Shift work

Soul work for Inner Healing

Spiritual Impartation

Personal Development

Learn how to Monetize your passion and talents

Gain Clarity, get direction and be empowered to show up & go forth in your purpose and calling.

Attend The Trailblazing Woman Conference Complimentary(you will be responsible for your travel and lodging only)

Attend Daddy's Little Girl Healing Excursion Complimentary (you will be responsible for your travel and lodging only)



Who is this Mentorship Best For?

This mentorship is designed for the motivated, determined woman who is ready for new life, the woman ready for inner healing, and a recharge to Give Birth and walk boldly in themselves and their purpose. Is that woman you, are you ready and committed? 

Mentorship includes but not limited to Impartation on:


Inner healing & Overcoming

Deeper Intimacy with God

Hearing God's voice

Uncovering Purpose


Engaging in your God-Given Authority

Transforming negative experiences

Monetize your passion and talents


What You Get!

Mentorship twice per month (90-minute virtual mentorship sessions)

Weekly support through private group chat (direct access)

Complimentary Tickets to our biennial Trailblazing Woman's Conference & Daddy's Little Girls Healing Excursion (you are responsible for your travel & lodging only)

Clarity, Direction, Increase in Confidence, Inner Healing, and more.


How Do I Get Started?

Apply by clicking the button above or below. Let's see if this mentorship is the right fit for you.

Once we receive your application it will be reviewed thoroughly, please provide 3 business days for review. You will then receive an email to schedule a virtual live interview with Coach Robyn. Your application and interview will then be reviewed together thoroughly, please allow up to 7 business days for review. You will then receive an email with the official response to join or apply again next year.

Further details and next steps will be given via the interview and via email if accepted.

We can't wait to equip, liberate, and empower you!


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