Robyn Robbins is a Thought Leader, Certified Master Coach, Empowerment Teacher, and Movement Storyteller affectionately referred to as The Midwife due to her unmatched ability to partner with others and empower them to give birth and produce. She is the steward owner of Robyn Robbins Enterprises LLC. where she empowers emerging female business owners to transform and leverage their experiences into expertise so they can birth a new life and authentic business. Robyn's life mission is simply to enrich, empower, equip, and liberate all those who cross her path!  However, it didn't begin this way...


Losing my biological Mom at the age of 6 put my siblings & I in a whirlwind. From foster home to foster home, enduring cyclic abuse mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually my entire childhood. This led me on a downward spiral that led me right into being trafficked into the sex industry at the tender age of 16. Crushed, wounded & full of pain it felt as though all life had to offer was the reality I was living.

One day my partner was looking through my phone at the images I used to advertise in the industry. “Hey, it looks like death is on you.” I grabbed the phone to see for myself and what I saw shook me to my core. In disbelief, I went to the mirror & said God if this is real it won’t just be on the picture. Lo and behold it was starring me in my face as I gazed at the mirror. That’s when I knew my life had to really change. Then one day that same year my friend came over to hang out. She told me about a church she was going to that was truly accepting of ALL people no matter their past, current situation, or sexual orientation.

After a few visits, I rededicated my life to Christ & began the journey of healing. It was so fulfilling to have a relationship with God instead of someone else's religion. I got my GED, got a trade as a CNA, and downsized my lifestyle. However, Working for others wasn’t what I truly wanted. I knew I was purposed for more. So I took what I learned from my experiences and opened my very own in-home care center in 2011 and become a full-time entrepreneur. I started a traveling ministry in 2013 where I published my first 4 books. Life shifted again once I published my 5th publication “Diaries of an Ex-Adult entertainer: My Road to Redemption”.

That same year the book became an Amazon Bestseller and I begin to receive invites to speak. With a vision, I became a certified coach with a strong desire to serve others. This is where it got overwhelming. I struggled an entire year with no coaching clients! I couldn't figure out what I was missing. I had applied what I had learned from previous business ventures but there was still something missing, this was different.  

To know you have something truly amazing to share with the world that would truly be of service but it seems as though no one else realizes it. That's when the overwhelming urge to quit your business comes over you. Wheeeewh! In a panic, I begin to try everything I could get my hands on. From checklists to webinars, the list goes on. I invested in other trainings hoping that it would enlighten me on what I was missing in business but they only taught the skills for that specific certification. No matter what I did you just heard crickets. My business became an expensive hobby instead of what I had envisioned which was a business that would transform my life & the life of others.

Ready to throw in the towel I decided to push one more time. I invested in myself, my business through a high-level coaching program. Clients began to come and experienced wonderful transformations. I became an International Speaker, what an experience it was. I was nominated for a total of 4 awards in 2019 to include Author of the year, Orator of the Year, Mentor of the Year, & Woman on the Rise. I launched The Trailblazing Woman, an event for female business owners and it was amazing. We recognized and awarded women making amazing strides in their communities and sphere of influence. It was oh so surreal! To think that ALL of that came from me transparently sharing my story, my experiences, and following through on my vision.


I know what it is like to desire to live a free and fulfilling life. What it's like to desire to create a business that offers a better life, flexibility, and the ability to truly be on purpose doing business in an aligned authentic way. But the wounds of your past stare you in the face, daring you to try or ruining much-needed opportunities. Or thinking business has to be done like the gurus say or done like the others in your industry in order to win. The decision to release was one of the keys that empowered me to see things differently & birth an aligned authentic business.

I knew I had to share my story, my experiences & teach others what I had learned and done. I knew I had to empower others to transform their experiences into expertise. The reality is our experiences are pregnant and filled with what’s needed to pay 💰 you for just being you and for what you know if you know how to work it.



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