Diaries of An Ex-Adult Entertainer

The Book:


Brilliant, Beautiful, Young with a zeal for life and adventure! There lies a female young adult; broken. Silently fearing the inevitable, deciding to take matters into her own hands; going against everything she knew to be the truth. All her morals & spiritual values, she makes ultimately the worst decision of her life.


As we all know there's nothing new under the sun and coincidentally this wasn't her first contract with the adult entertainment world. These are the diaries of an ex-adult entertainer. This is my life, my journey, my story, my testimony.

Illustrating vividly through the words on the pages what life was like & is like through my eyes. 

From a broken childhood to a troubled teen, into the world of adult entertainment and my process into salvation, the unconditional love of Jesus Christ!

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The Podcast:


Transparency. Real Talk.

Join us on the journey of becoming as we have candid conversations about Life, Growth & Faith. Never before released insights as Robyn shares her story Diaries of An Ex-Adult Entertainer.



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