Our Vision:


To be the go-to international empowerment company where women can reclaim their power, transform trauma to Give Birth to a whole, & free life (their best life) as well as their goals & dreams.

Our Mission:

To Liberate those who are in pursuit of Freedom after experiencing difficult life Challenges (traumatic and or negative life experiences) through Powerful Messages so they can live a FREE life!


To Empower YOU to Engage you're God-Given Authority & Inner Healing through Books & Coaching.

Equipping YOU with Practical Strategies to Give Birth to Your dreams & the best YOU through Consulting, Teaching & Training.

Our Values:

God First, to honor & respect others in all that we do, no matter their background, walk of life, & or sexual orientation, serving with a true heart of servitude.

Personal Excellence & Stewardship, we are committed to ongoing learning, training, and development in order to show up and serve others at our best. Stewarding over ourselves first as well as this organization.

Integrity & Fairness, we uphold the integrity & ethical work standards in all we do. We are committed to handling all matters with fairness, excellence, and professionalism.


Customer & Client Service, to ensure a consistent, High-quality experience to all clients and customers.


Improvement, we are dedicated to improving our company by listening to customer feedback.

Teamwork makes the dream work! We truly believe that the value we are able to provide clients and customers comes from the unity and expertise of our amazing partners. "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

- Helen Keller

To date, we have empowered women from all over the U.S., Canada, Africa, & Jamacia through our services. Our coaching clients have given birth to their best self, goals & dreams. These goals and dreams include self-publishing books, starting businesses, non-profits, becoming TEDx speakers, international speakers, and increasing their clients & profits.

                                                                       The Journey:


Robyn Robbins Enterprises was birthed in April of 2016 as a response to the Divine instructions given to Robyn to simply share her story, the raw uncut truth. She wrote & released her memoir entitled "Diaries of An Ex-Adult Entertainer: My Road to Redemption which later on became an Amazon Bestseller. Sharing her story has afforded her many opportunities providing life-changing milestones such as becoming an International Speaker. Although the journey has been amazing and full of lessons. Robyn couldn't shake the feeling that she had gotten away from the origin & purpose of why the enterprise was started, to begin with. She had become a sought out Publishing Coach & Consultant helping others give birth to their story in turn no longer sharing hers. In November of 2019, Robyn officially went on rest to hear, recalibrate, & align in order to ensure that her presence in the marketplace was aligned with her purpose. Although Robyn is no longer available to coach or consult others in the area of publishing. She is available to coach women who are absolutely ready to Give Birth to their best self, goals, and dreams. She has, however, created a digital vault providing everything one needs to self-publish & monetize their message/story Here.






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